UV Casting and Foiling System

RYOBI 1050 Series

UV Casting and Foiling System


Can be used in combination with an existing press to enable in-house holographic coating and foiling. (RYOBI 1050-1 with a UV casting and foiling system)


Holographic coating and foiling of printed materials can be performed inline for greater productivity. (4- to 6-color presses with a UV casting and foiling system)

* The holographic coating film can be reused several times by rewinding or by switching the finished film roll back to the feed side.
* The grippers reliably transport the paper, enabling holographic coating and foiling with stable register precision.
* The foiling adhesive can be applied either by the coating unit for greater adhesion or by the printing unit for more delicate designs.
* When not performing holographic coating or foiling, the UV lamp unit can be swung upward out of the way to avoid interference with paper transport during offset printing. A safety guard between the casting and foiling unit and the impression cylinder enables film setting or replacement even while the press is in operation.


Model name 1050-1 1050-4 1050-5 1050-6
Number of
printing units
1 4 5 6
Holographic coating film

Thickness:    0.022 mm(0.0009")

Width of film: 630-1,080 mm (24.8"-42.52")

Film-based foil

Thickness:    0.012 mm(0.0005")

Width of film: 630-1,080 mm (24.8"-42.52")

Processing speed*1

4,000-12,000 S.P.H.


Processing speed may vary depending on the printing materials, including the film, foil, varnish, adhesive and paper, as well as the required printing quality.

For other details, please refer to RYOBI 1050 Series