The RYOBI PDS-ProE features the following

The PDS-ProE measures the color bar on the printed sheet and calculates the density difference between the printed sheet and the OK sheet. And the calculated data is fed back to the press to adjust the ink fountain key opening volume maintaining stable printing quality. In addition to the above function, the RYOBI PDS-ProE has the following features as a profile making device.


RYOBI PDS-ProE incorporates the manual-type spectrophotometer as a measurement tool.
The spectrophotometer is used to measure the solid density of the color bar, and the press ink fountain keys are automatically controlled based on the calculated data.
Plus, the spectrophotometer is used to measure the specially designed color chart on the printed sheet and color proof sheet for making ICC profiles of the 3404DI and of proofer.


The color chart for color matching is placed together with the color bar for the printing density control.
Only by scanning the color chart several times by the spectrophotometer, approximately 432 or 928 pieces of color patch can be measured easily and speedily.
Making of one ICC Profile is completed within 7 minutes (in the case of 432 pieces of color patch.)


The two ICC profiles for the 3404DI and color proofer are sent to the RIP RYOBI SV770 and used to match the color proof sheet with the press printed sheet.


The EPSON Stylus Pro 7500 ink jet printer connected with the SV770 RIP for the 3404DI is used as a color proofer that is compatible with ICC profile for color matching.




Measuring method of the color bar on the printed sheet

Manual-scan type spectrophotometer

Number of controllable press


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