The PDS-E is an economy type printing density control system developed based on the RYOBI PDS which is optionally available for the RYOBI 520HXX series and RYOBI 680 series. The PDS measures the color bar of the printed sheet using the auto tracking spectrophotometer and values needed to correct color densities data to match those of the OK sheet is calculated and are fed back into the press through the printing control system RYOBI PCS-G or PCS-H. Thus the appropriate adjustments in the opening of the ink fountain keys are automatically performed. This system has been highly acclaimed by the customers who standardize the printing quality in-house.
To further promote standardization of color management in the printing company, RYOBI is offering the PDS-E with a lower investment cost for the RYOBI 520HXX series and 680 series.

The RYOBI PDS-E is made affordable by adopting the manual type denstiometor. The RYOBI PDS-E measures the color bar of the printed sheet with simple operation and feeds back the values of correct color densities to the printing control system RYOBI PCS-H or PCS-G to control the ink fountain keys of the press. With this system, quick accurate color tone adjustment is possible even by less-skilled operator and shorter make ready time and accurate reproduction are realized. The RYOBI PDS-E is also retrofitable in the field.




Measuring method of the color bar on the printed sheet

Manual-type densitometor

Number of controllable press


Applicable model

RYOBI 520HXX series, RYOBI 680 series and RYOBI 750 Series