RYOBI 920 Series

924 / 925

A1-Size High-Speed Multi-Color Offset Presses


Superior Productivity Thanks to Automation and Labor-saving Systems

RYOBI PCS-G Printing Control System

Almost the entire operation flow from make-ready through printing can be centrally controlled using the touch panel of the RYOBI PCS-G Printing Control System, greatly shortening make-ready time for changing the paper, cleaning, registration adjustment, color tone adjustment, dampening volume adjustment, and other tasks when switching jobs.

RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer "Semi-RPC"

RYOBI Semi-RPC allows plates to be changed quickly and accurately without any tools.
The operator merely sets the plate on the positioning pins and presses the button.

The Various Automatic Cleaning Devices

Automatic blanket cleaning device (option), Automatic ink roller cleaning device (option)

Paper Size and Impression Pressure Presets

The RYOBI 920 Series allows the operator to enter preset values for paper size and thickness using the touch-panel display of the RYOBI PCS-G. The positions of the delivery section guides* as well as pull side guide* can be preset. The side impression pressure preset system is also available.
*Standard equipment-FThe pull side guide preset system, Options-FPaper size preset
 (for the delivery section) and impression pressure preset systems

Impressive Cost Performance - Ideal for A1-size Printing

8-up Printing of International A4 Size and Letter Size

Enabling printing of international A1 size posters as well as 8-up printing of both international A4 size and letter size.

For printing an international A4-size booklet

For 8-up printing of 8.5" x 11" (letter-size )

Compatibility with a wide range of paper, from thin to heavy stock

The RYOBI 920 Series presses can handle paper thickness ranging from 0.04 mm (0.0016") onion skin to heavy 0.6 mm (0.024") card stock.

Lower Material Costs, Lower Power Consumption and Less Installation Space than a B1-size Press

Printing plate costs and power consumption are markedly lower than for a B1-size press, and the compact space-saving design allows efficient space utilization.

Suction Tape Feeder Board

The suction tape feeder board simplifies the setting of the brush and runner wheels and shortens the time required for changing paper sizes. The suction belt holds the paper securely and feeds it smoothly to the front lay.

Various Innovative Mechanisms Guarantee High-Quality Printing

Double-Diameter Printing Mechanism

The printing unit consists of a double-diameter impression cylinder and a double-diameter transfer drum. These cylinders, which have a large curvature ratio, transport paper with minimum flapping, providing stable paper transport even when printing on heavy stock.

RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System

The RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system assures a uniform dampening supply on the plate surface to reproduce sharp halftone dots, glossy solids and finely detailed text. Starting is quick and this system is designed to minimize wasted sheets.

The "RYOBI-matic-D" Continuous Dampening System with Hickey Removing Function (option)

This dampening system substantially reduces hickeys on plates by adopting a drive mechanism for the water form roller that creates a rotational speed difference between the water form roller and plate cylinder.


Model name
Number of
printing units
Max. Paper size
(W x L)
920 x640 mm (36.22" x 25.20")
Min. Paper size
(W x L)
410 x 290 mm (16.14" x 11.42")
Max. Printing Area
(W x L)
900 x 615 mm (35.43" x 24.21")
Paper Thickness*1
0.04 - 0.6 mm (0.0016" - 0.024")
Printing Speed*2
3,000-16,200 S.P.H.
Plate Size
910 x 665 mm (35.83" x 26.18")
[positioning pin pitch: 780 mm (30.71")]
Feeder Pile
800 mm (31.5")
Delivery Pile
900 mm (35.43")
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


*1 There are some limitations to print thick paper depending on paper types.
*2 The local conditions, ink, stock, and printing plate types, and printing quality required will affect the max. printing speed.