RYOBI 784E / 784EP

(B2-Size High-Speed Multi-Color Offset Presses)


Compact Design Achieves Space-Saving

Built-in RYOBI PCS-K Printing Control System

The RYOBI PCS-K Printing Control System is built into the press as a space-saving feature. This system allows centralized control of the main operations and settings, such as ink and dampening volume control, printing parameter settings, fine adjustment of registration, impression pressure preset, and maintenance information.

Comparison of Installation Space with RYOBI 754 (4-A)

Advanced Automated Devices Realize Superb Operability

RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer "Semi-RPC"

The RYOBI Semi-RPC allows plates to be changed quickly and accurately. The operator merely sets the plate on the positioning pins and presses the button. A plate bending device is unnecessary as there is no need to bend the leading edge or the tail edge of the plate.

The Various Automatic Cleaning Devices

Automatic blanket cleaning device, Automatic ink roller cleaning device (option)

Image Area Calculating Software
[Ink Volume Setter/Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF)] (option)

RYOBI Program Inking

MIS Connection Software (for CIP4-JDF) (option)

Reliable Technology to Enhance High Printing Quality

Suction Tape Feeder Board

The suction tape feeder board simplifies the setting of the brush and runner wheels and shortens the time required for changing paper sizes. The suction belt holds the paper securely and feeds it smoothly to the front lay.

RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System

The RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system assures a uniform dampening supply on the plate surface to reproduce sharp halftone dots, glossy solids and finely detailed text. Starting is quick and this system is designed to minimize wasted sheets.

The "RYOBI-matic-D" Continuous Dampening System with Hickey Removing Function (option)

This dampening system substantially reduces hickeys on plates by adopting a drive mechanism for the water form roller that creates a rotational speed difference between the water form roller and plate cylinder.

Simple Cylinder Arrangement

The RYOBI 780E Series features a simple mechanism that links two sets of 2-color printing units (one double-diameter impression cylinder and 2 sets of plate and blanket cylinders) via three transfer drums. Printing is completed with only four gripper changes, increasing image positioning accuracy. Double sprung grippers used on the paper feed drum, impression cylinders and transfer drum firmly grip the paper. Accordingly, even during high-speed operation and heavy solid printing, a precise registration accuracy is maintained.

Printing Density Control System [RYOBI PDS/RYOBI PDS-E] (option)

Handles a Wide Range of Printing Applications

Wider Paper Size for More Utility

The 780E Series allows 8-up printing of B5 size and the XL type allows 6-up printing of 8.5~11"* letter-size.
*XL type only
*The maximum paper size that can be fed will vary according to the printing conditions,
 printing environment, type of paper, and other factors.

Maximum Printing Area of
   RYOBI 780E Series

When printing 6-up of
   8.5~11" letter size (XL type)

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Paper, from Thin to Heavy Stock

The RYOBI 780E Series presses can handle paper thickness ranging from 0.04 mm (0.0016") onion skin to heavy 0.6 mm (0.024") card stock.

Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device

Switching between straight printing and perfecting can be performed remotely from the RYOBI PCS-K. The operator inputs the paper size and selects a printing mode from the touch panel display.


Model name



Number of printing units


With Convertible Perfecting Device



Max. Paper size
(W x L)

788 x 600 mm (31.02" x 23.62")

Min. Paper size
(W x L)

Straight printing: 279 x 200 mm (10.98" x 7.87")

Perfecting: 325 x 295 mm (12.80" x 11.61")

Max. Printing Area
(W x L)

S type  : 765 x 545 mm (30.12" x 21.46")

XL type: 765 x 580 mm (30.12" x 22.83")

Paper Thickness

Straight printing: 0.04 - 0.6 mm (0.0016" - 0.024")

Perfecting: 0.04-0.4 mm (0.0016" - 0.016")

Printing Speed

15,000 S.P.H. *1
15,500 S.P.H. is possible on special request.

14,000 S.P.H. *1

Plate Size

S type : 745 x 605 mm (29.33" x 23.82") [Standard]
            775 x 605 mm (30.51" x 23.82") [Max]

XLtype: 745 x 635 mm (29.33" x 25") [Standard]
            775 x 635 mm (30.15" x 25") [Max]

Feeder Pile Capacity

735 mm (28.94")

Delivery Pile Capacity

500 mm (19.69")


The local conditions, ink, stock, and printing plate types, and printing quality required will affect the max. printing speed.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.