RYOBI 684 / 685 / 686

RYOBI 684 / 685 / 686

RYOBI 684/685/686 is a unit construction type multi-color offset press (tandem type) which adopts the double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter transfer drum for its printing unit. Each printing unit has a built-in CPU system. In the new 684/685/686 offset press series there are 15 models from 4 color through 6 color with or without in-line coating capability.

RYOBI began development of this offset press series under the concept of "Increase the number of jobs per day" to meet the need for the small lot turn around jobs. RYOBI has developed a new Semiautomatic plate changer and incorporated it as standard. The Semiautomatic plate changer enables fast and accurate plate changing with simple push button operation. Furthermore several automatic preset functions including the paper size preset, pull guide preset, impression preset system reduces the paper setting time. RYOBI Program Inking allows the automatic pre-inking and pre-wetting (an initially even ink and dampening supply on rollers) and pre-sets the ink fountain keys for quick start of printing. Of course the blanket cleaning device, impression cylinder cleaning device and ink roller cleaning device, prerequisite for this large press class are available as options. At the operation stand of the newly developed RYOBI PCS-G, major press operations including counter setting, paper size input, registration adjustment, color adjustment and activation of the cleaning devices are performed at the delivery side, increasing the press overall operability and efficiency.

With the introduction of these automated features and advanced labor saving mechanisms, the time for make ready is reduced while increasing productivity.

RYOBI achieves the numerical value control of the printing quality with the introduction of spectrophotometry technique in the new printing density control system RYOBI PDS. Consistent high printing quality is assured with this technique even for repeated jobs or long run printing. RYOBI PDS will be of great benefit in establishing a stable quality control system at the factory.

Toward the new century of in printing industry, RYOBI offers the new A2-size multi-color offset press series, RYOBI 684/685/686, a genuine profitable press meeting the needs for high productivity, quality and versatility.

The presses feature the followings


The standard Semiautomatic plate changer allows the plate to be changed easily and accurately with simple push button operation, thereby drastically reducing the preparation time and improving productivity.


Paper size preset, pull guide preset, impression preset system are available.(Paper size preset and impression preset system are option.)


The suction-tape feeder board ensures steady and reliable sheet feeding. This system also facilitates the feeder board setting when changing the paper size.


Automatic ink roller/blanket/impression cylinder cleaning devices are available as options. Automatically short-time cleaning greatly decreases the work involved in cleaning and color changes.


RYOBI Program Inking automatically supplies ink to the ink rollers to match the image from the very start of printing. After the set number of prints are finished, the ink on the rollers is automatically restored to an even state, allowing the operator to proceed quickly to the next job.


The diagonal registration can be adjusted [adjustment range of Max.0.2 mm (0.008")] by plate cylinder cocking device during machine running.


At the operation stand of the RYOBI PCS-G, major press operations including number of printing sheet input, preset function, registration adjustment, ink and dampening system setting are performed at the delivery side. The RYOBI PCS-G adopts the touch-panel display for the operator's convenience.


The double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter transfer drum cylinder system offers fewer gripper changes during entire printing guarantees the high multi-color registration accuracy.


Aqua automatic control system RYOBI AAC is a standard feature that enables the proper dampening supply control onto the plate with the high-precision aqua film sensor.


Thermal-controlled ink roller system keeps the optimum temperature on rollers by circulating temperature-controlled water in the oscillating rollers.


RYOBI achieves the numerical value control for the printing quality with the introduction of spectrophotometry technique in the new RYOBI PDS. This system measures the deviation between the printing density of the OK sheet and the printed sheets, and then feeds back the data to the RYOBI PCS-G to adjust the ink fountain keys automatically .RYOBI PDS-E, an economy version of the RYOBI PDS is also available as an option.


The in-line coating unit with one anilox roller enables either water-based coating or UV coating process simultaneously with the offset printing. The press offers a choice of three delivery systems: a standard delivery, a semi-long and a long delivery which can accommodate the dryer system(s) to match the printing requirements. (RYOBI does not supply any dryer system for this standard delivery.)






Number of Printing




Max.Paper Size
(W x L)

686 x 508 mm (27 x 20")

Min.Paper Size
(W x L)

279 x 200 mm (10.98 x 7.87")

Max.Printing Area
(W x L)

660 x 495 mm (25.98 x 19.49")

Max.Printing Speed

15,000 S.P.H.
The local conditions,ink,stock,and printing plate types,and printing quality required will
affect the max. printing speed.

Plate Size

650 x 550 mm (25.59 x 21.65")

Paper Thickness

0.04 - 0.6 mm (0.0016 x 0.024")

Feeding System

Rotary type stream feeder

Feeder Capacity

800 mm (31.50")

Delivery Capacity

925 mm (36.42")

Dampening System

RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system

Infeed System

Underswing gripper and paper feed drum

Number of Ink Rollers

17 (form rollers: 4)

(L x W x H)*

7,166 x 2,910 x 1,870 mm
[23'6" x 9'8" x 6'2"]

8,052 x 2,910 x 1,870 mm
[26'5" x 9'8" x 6'2"]

8,938 x 2,910 x 1,870 mm
[29'4" x 9'8" x 6'2"]


Approx. 17 t
[36,378 lbs]

Approx. 20 t
[44,092 lbs]

Approx. 21 t
[52,967 lbs]


Number shown are for type A models. Weight includes peripheral devices of the press.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.