A2-Plus Size 2-Color Offset Press(RYOBI 662HX)
A2-Plus Size 2/1-Color Offset Press(RYOBI 662PFHX)

RYOBI 662HX and 662PFHX are the A2-plus size multi-color offset presses. These presses are the upgraded versions of the RYOBI 662H, a high quality 2 color offset press and the 662PFH, a 2/1 highly productive multi-color perfector adopting unique satellite cylinder arrangement.

With small lot diversified printing increasing, there is a great demand for presses with new functions that allow unrivaled productivity and print quality in the competitive A2 size printing market.

RYOBI has met this market demand by slashing the complicated press make-ready by incorporating the RYOBI Semiautomatic Plate Changer (same type as in the RYOBI 680 series and 520HXX series) and the plate cylinder cocking on the RYOBI 662HX and 662PFHX. These automated features greatly contribute to labor savings and shortening the preparation time before production runs.

For easier operation, RYOBI has developed the optional RYOBI PCS-J Printing Control System with the touch panel type liquid crystal display. With this device, ink fountain key preset via floppy disk from prepress system data, register controls and setting of the RYOBI Program Inking can be done remotely from the delivery side.

In addition, the various proven RYOBI 680 series' technologies have been incorporated to further strengthen the press overall capability.

The RYOBI's A2 size multi color press lineup assures greater productivity, quality and operability to meet intense need of multi-color printing jobs entering the new century.

The following new features and functions have been added on the 662HX and 662PFHX.


The standard RYOBI Semi-RPC Semiautomatic Plate Changer allows the printing plates to be changed quickly and accurately by push button operation. There is no need to bend the leading edge or tail edge of the plates. This system allows easy reuse of the stored printing plates and can handle polyester-based plates as well as metal plates.


By combination of the RYOBI RP 740-425AUTO or RYOBI RP740-425F High Precision Register Punch and the Semi-RPC, higher registration accuracy can be achieved from the start of printing.


The standard plate size of Semi-RPC is 650 x 550 mm(25.59 x 21.65"). For flexibility, the Semi-RPC can correspond to the plate size of 670 x 560 mm (26.38 x 22.05") by mounting optional plate clamp.


The plate cylinder cocking device allows diagonal image adjustment even during printing. [Diagonal image adjustment volume of maximum printing area: 0.2mm (0.008")]


The RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system consisting of water form roller gear-driven mechanism, water fountain roller speed adaptation mechanism and optional oscillating bridge roller (same type as in the RYOBI 680 series) assures stable dampening performance.


The RYOBI AAC, Aqua Automatic Control System can be equipped as an option.This system automatically maintains the optimum dampening supply volume set by the operator. The RYOBI AAC significantly reduces the operator's task of adjusting dampening supply volume.


New single train inking mechanism highly rated for the RYOBI 680 series has been adopted to assure stable ink supply and superb response to ink volume adjustments.


The RYOBI Program Inking (available for the model with RYOBI PCS-J) automatically supplies ink to the ink rollers to match the image from the very start of printing. The image area data is calculated by the optional RYOBI Ink Volume Setter for PostScript data or RYOBI Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 for PPF and then converted using the RYOBI PCS-J to preset the ink fountain keys.
Making effective use of pre-press data greatly reduces the labor involved in adjusting ink fountain keys prior to production printing.


The RYOBI PCS-J new printing control system with the touch panel type liquid crystal display is available as option. With this device, ink fountain key preset via floppy disk from prepress system data, register controls and setting of RYOBI Program Inking can be done remotely from the delivery side.


Paper changing time is reduced with adoption of bellows type paper guides in the pull side guide section (which eliminates adjustment of bridge guides when the pull side guide position is changed), centralized impression pressure dials, in addition to paper size change button and integrated brush and runner wheels movement system.


The optional automatic cleaning devices for the blanket and the ink rollers reduce the operator's workload during color changes and maintenance after printing.

The 662PFHX builds on the following superb basic features and functions of the 662PFH.


The 662PFHX adopts the unique satellite perfecting printing system that has the two-color front side printing units and single-color back side printing unit.
The double-diameter impression cylinder configuration for two-color front side printing eliminates gripper changes, assuring highly accurate two-color printing.
Simple unit selection done by switch allows quick printing mode selection for 2-color printing (2/0), perfecting (1/1), 2-color front side and single-color back side printing (2/1) , and 1-color printing (1/0).






Dampening System

RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system

Number of Printing Units



Maximum Paper Size

686 x 508 mm(27 x 20")

Minimum Paper Size

279 x 200 mm(11 x 7.87")

Maximum Printing Area

660 x 495 mm
(25.98 x 19.49")

660 x 495 mm
(25.98 x 19.49")
660 x 492 mm
(25.98 x 19.37")

Paper Thickness

0.04 - 0.4(0.5) mm [0.0016" - 0.016"]
0.5 mm (0.02") stock can be printed when feeding sheets perpendicular to the fiber direction.

Printing Speed

3,000 - 13,000 S.P.H.
* Local conditions, ink and stock types, and printing quality required will affect the maximumprinting area.
* When highly accurate backside registration is required during perfecting on the 662PFHX, the printing speed should be lower than 11,000 S.P.H.

Plate Size

Standard : 650 x 550 mm(25.59 x 21.65")
Maximum : 670 x 550 mm(26.38 x 21.65")
Option : 670 x 560 mm(26.38 x 22.05")


Rotary type stream feeder

Feeder Pile Capacity

800 mm(31.50")

1,000 mm(39.37")

Delivery Pile Capacity

470 mm(18.50")

650 mm(25.59")

Number of Ink Rollers
(form roller)

19 (4) x 2 units

Front side printing unit:
19 (4) x 2 units
Perfecting unit: 15 (3)


3,415 x 2,540 x 1,883 mm
(11'2" x 8'4" x 6'2")

3,600 x 2,654 x 2,083 mm
(11'10" x 8'8" x 6'10")


6,900 kg
(15,250 lbs)

8,500 kg
(18,750 lbs)