A3-Plus Size 2-Color Offset Press

RYOBI 522HE features the following

High quality printing and reliability


The RYOBI 522HE features the Ryobi-matic continuous dampening system in its dampening section. This system assures a uniform dampening supply to the plate surface, which enables sharper halftones, glossy solids and finely detailed text. Each ink section consists of 16 ink rollers, including four form rollers with different diameters. This superior design ensures an ample ink coverage ratio over the maximum printing area.


The satellite V-shaped 5-cylinder system allows two-color printing to be completed without gripper changes, eliminating paper flap, increasing the image positioning accuracy, and providing superb color registration. A bearer contact cylinder system, in which the blanket cylinder bearer comes into contact with the plate cylinder, maintains constant plate pressure with each rotation of the cylinder, delivering high print quality.


A rotary type stream feeder ensures stable, smooth paper feeding for paper thicknesses ranging from onion skin to heavy card stock. The minimum paper size is 100 x 105 mm (3.94" x 4.13") (postcard and envelope), and the maximum paper size is 520 x 375 mm (20.47" x 14.37").


As on all of the 520HXX Series models, the 522HE is equipped with a precise underswing infeed system and an accurate drop-away front lay system to assure stable image registration.

Automated, labor-saving devices that shorten make-ready


The RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer comes as standard and allows plates to be changed quickly and accurately. The operator merely sets the plate on the positioning pins and presses a button. A plate bending device is unnecessary as there is no need to bend the leading edge or the tail edge of the plate. This automatic system allows easy re-use of stored printing plates, and can handle polyester-based plates as well as metal plates.


Using the RYOBI 522HE in conjunction with the RYOBI RP520-425F high precision register punch (optional) makes the RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer even more accurate. High registration accuracy is secured from the start of printing.


Dial-controlled registration adjustment device on the second unit enables quick, precise adjustments of the image position during printing. Adjustments can be made within a range of ?} 1.0mm (?}0.039") vertically, ?}2.0mm (?}0.079") laterally and ?}0.15mm (?}0.006") diagonally (at the maximum printing area).


The RYOBI 522HE is equipped with lever control ink fountain as a standard. Graduated levers make it possible to quickly confirm the status of ink supply from the ink fountains, and by simply raising or lowering the levers, the operator can quickly and accurately make fine adjustment of the color.


The above lever control ink fountain can be replaced by more advanced device. Namely, the optional RYOBI PCS-J Printing Control System allows the operator to remotely control subtle ink balance adjustment. The operation panel includes a touch-screen from which the operator can easily control RYOBI Program Inking, save and call up printing data on floppy disks, and check the opening volumes of the ink fountain keys.


RYOBI Program Inking (built-in with optional RYOBI PCS-J)
RYOBI Program Inking automatically supplies ink to the ink rollers according to how much ink the image requires from the very start of printing. This system allows minimizing the amount of wasted paper generated at the start of printing. (Note: Smart End Inking is not available on the RYOBI 522HE same as the RYOBI 522HXX.)


Image area calculating software
Ink Volume Setter (for PS data) (option) and Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF) (option).
The Ink Volume Setter(for PS data) uses PostScript data created on a Macintosh or Windows computer to calculate the image area ratio for each ink fountain key on a Ryobi printing press, while the Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF) uses PPF files created on a prepress system that is CIP3/CIP4 (PPF)-compatible. These applications integrate prepress and press processes, and greatly reduce time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.


Automatic ink roller and blanket cleaning devices are available as options. These devices reduce the time and effort involved in cleaning and changing colors, reducing the burden on the operator.




Number of printing units


Dampening system

RYOBI-matic continuous dampening system

Max. printing area(WxL)

505 x 350 mm (19.88 x 13.78")

Max. paper size(WxL)

520 x 375 mm (20.47 x 14.76")

Min. paper size(WxL)

100 x 105 mm (3.94 x 4.13")

Paper thickness

0.04 - 0.4(0.5) mm [0.0016-0.016" (0.020")
0.5 mm (0.020") stock can be printed when feeding sheets perpendicular to the fiber direction.

Printing speed

3,000 - 11,000 S.P.H.
Local conditions, ink, stock, and printing plate types, and printing quality required will affect the maximum printing speed.

Plate size(WxL)

510 x 400 mm (20.08 x 15.75")

Feeding system

Rotary type stream feeder

Feeder pile capacity

600 mm (23.62")

Delivery pile capacity

400 mm (15.75")

Number of ink rollers

16 (form roller :4) per unit

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2,598 x 1,935 x 1,588 mm  (8'6"x6'4"x5'3")


3,350 kg (7,400 lbs)