One pass perfecting printing Single-sheet

   A touch of a single button initiates a complete series of printing operations - from master insertion to image transfer, paper feeding, printing, master ejection and finally, blanket cleaning and drying.

   The 3200PCX is equipped with the Crestline continuous dampening system. It makes dampening volume adjustment, which conventionally requires much skill, a snap even for an unskilled operator, assuring high-quality printing.

   Centralized control panels on the delivery side of the press give the operator full command of all operations, including printing start, image position adjustments, preset/repeat counter, master ejection and blanket cleaning. For added flexibility, the panel swivels, enabling the operator to position it at the optimum viewing angle.

   B - B (Blanket to Blanket) perfecting and Direct chain delivery.

   A wide printing area (317 x 438 mm) provides the flexibility to handle jobs from A5 4-up or A4 2-up with registration marks to printing on index mark and cover stock.


Model name


Number of printing units 2
Max. Paper size
(W x L)
340 x 450 mm (13.39" x 17.72")
Min. Paper size
(W x L)
90 x 130 mm (3.54" x 5.12")
Max. Printing Area
(W x L)
317 x 438 mm (12.48" x 17.24")
Paper Thickness 0.04-0.3 mm (0.0016"-0.012")
Printing Speed 3,000 - 10,000 S.P.H.*1
Plate Size 324 x 492 mm (12.76" x 19.37")
Feeder Pile Capacity 620 mm (24.41")
Delivery Pile Capacity 720 mm (28.35")
*1 The local conditions, ink, stock, and printing plate types, and printing quality required will affect the max. printing speed