Numbering and perforating unit



Easy Field Installation

The NP unit can be added to the RYOBI 522HE, 524HE, 522GX, 524GX/524GXP
(Low-pile delivery model).


The NP units may not be connected with the 522HE/524HE in the field depending on the serial numbers of the 522HE/524HE.


There are some limitations when doing numbering and perforating simultaneously with perfecting printing on the 524GXP.


Independent NP Imperssion Cylinder

Ryobi's time-tested NP unit features a self-contained impression cylinder, independent of the offset printing section. This allows intermixing of the finishing operations including numbering, vertical and cross perforating, and imprinting.


Swing-Away Design

When offset printing alone is required, the NP unit can be swung away from the parent press in just a few minutes. This swing-away design also allows easy plate mounting on the parent press, while facilitating setting and adjustments in the NP section.


Other Features


8 ink rollers (2 form rollers) guarantee excellent printing quality.


Repeat Numbering Function prints the identical number on a specified set of sheets
(2 to 9 sheets), before advancing to the next number for the subsequent set.


Numbering and perforating positions can be determined quickly and accurately with the finely scaled preregister plotting film and built in positioning scales.


Optional wheels are also available for vertical slitting and creasing operations.




Max. Paper Size (when using NP unit)

520 x 365 mm (20.47 x 14.37")*

Min. Paper Size (when using NP unit)

257 x 182 mm (10.12 x 7.17")*

Paper Thickness (when numbering)

0.04 - 0.25 mm (0.002 - 0.0098")*

Paper Thickness (when perforating)

0.04 - 0.15 mm (0.002 - 0.059")*

Max. Numbering Area

505 x 345 mm (19.88 x 13.58")

Max. Nylon Plate Size

90 x 120 mm (3.54 x 4.72")
(for one spot color printing)

Imprinting Area

505 x 345 mm (19.88 x 13.58")
(spot color printing of numerous small images can be printed in this area)

Printing Speed (when using NP unit)

3,000 - 8,000 S.P.H.*

Number of Ink Rollers

8 (form rollers: 2)

Delivery Pile Capacity

350 mm (13.78")
[330mm (13")(when connecting with the 522HE/524HE)]*

Numbering Box

Total boxes (max.): 20

Vertical Perforator

5 pcs. (max.)

Cross Perforator

3 pcs. (max.)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

920 x 1,020 x 1,020 mm
(3' x 3'4" x 3'4")

Net Weight

460 kg (1,015 lbs.)

*The parent press specifications vary when using the NP unit.