(A3-Size Offset Press with Multi-Color Capability)

The 3300CR is equipped with the Crestline dampening system. It makes dampening volume adjustment, which conventionally requires much skill, a snap even for an unskilled operator, assuring high-quality printing.

Original second color head (option) is an economical system to meet multi-color printing requirements. (The second color head can be retrofitted in the field.)



Model name
Number of printing units
Max. Paper size (W x L)
340 x 450 mm (13.39" x 17.72")
Min. Paper size (W x L)
90 x 140 mm (3.54" x 5.51")
Max. Printing Area (W x L)
330 x 438 mm (13" x 17.24")
Paper Thickness
0.04-0.3 mm (0.0016"-0.012")
Printing Speed
3,000-10,000 S.P.H.*1
Plate Size
335 x 485 mm (13.19" x 19.09")
Feeder Pile Capacity
440 mm (17.32")
Delivery Pile Capacity
540 mm (21.26")
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1 The local conditions, ink, stock, and printing plate types, and printing quality required will affect the max. printing speed.