Ink Volume Setter / Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF)

Image Area Calculating Software

The Ink Volume Setter and the Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF) is software for Windows NT, which calculate the image area ratio for each ink fountain key opening volume in a RYOBI printing press by using the prepress data.
The Ink Volume Setter uses PostScript and PDF data created on the Macintosh computer, and the Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF) uses PPF files created on a CIP3/CIP4(PPF)-compatible prepress system. The calculated data is loaded via a 3.5-inch floppy disk or through a network* into a RYOBI Printing Control System connected to a RYOBI printing press. The system then converts the data into the opening volume of each ink fountain keys. The Ink Volume Setter and the Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF) make the ink fountain key setting on the press much easier and faster by using the prepress data to obtain higher productivity and quality for short-run color printing.


Ink Volume Setter and the Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF) can be used in network connection with the RYOBI PCS-H and RYOBI PCS-G. (A network connection kit is required.)

All necessary data, including the printing start position, and the number and the width of the ink fountain keys on each compatible RYOBI press, are all inputted in advance. The operator needs only to specify the type of press being used on the selection screen to receive the ink volume calculation data.

The Ink Volume Setter-CIP3 can calculate image area ratio not only from prepress data containing process colors (C, M, Y, Bk), but also from prepress data containing custom colors (spot color).

Functional specifications


Ink Volume Setter

Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF)

Applicable printing presses

RYOBI 3302H/HA (with optional PCS-F) RYOBI 3304H/HA (with PCS-F) RYOBI 524HX RYOBI 522HXX (with optional PCS-H) RYOBI 524HXX, 525HXX, 526HXX RYOBI 684, 685, 686 RYOBI 662HX, 662PFHX (with optional PCS-J)

Front-end computer and DTP software

Macintosh (tested using Mac OS 8.0)Verified with QuarkXPress 3.32E

CIP3/CIP4(PPF)-compatible prepress system

Calculation data

Calculates the image area ratio of each ink fountain key for the 4 process colors plus custom color (spot color)


600 dpi maximum

50.8 dpi

Applicable data

PostScript level 3 data , PDF

PPF (print production format)

Pre-installed fonts (English)

35(additional Type1fonts can be installed)


System requirements (the following conditions are required to ensure proper operation)


Ink Volume Setter

Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF)


IBM PC/AT or compatible machines (to install Ink Volume Setter)

Operating system

Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows NT Server 4.0 (tested using the English version)


Pentium 133 MHz or higher(Pentium II 233 MHz or higher recommended)

Pentium II 233 MHz or higher


128MB or more recommended

Hard disk capacity

2GB or more with at least 1GB of free space

CRT display resolution

1,024 x 768 pixels or higher (256 colors or more)

Floppy disk drive

MS-DOS 1.44MB 3.5-inch floppy disk drive

CD-ROM drive

2x speed or faster (necessary for system installation)


Ethernet 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T

Communication protocol

AppleTalk (EtherTalk)

TCP/IP protocol

Printer port

Parallel printer port (D-sub 25-pin)


2 or 3 buttons