About Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. is the leading global manufacturer of printing press accessory and controls for the commercial and newspaper printing industries.

Types of Products

Products include automatic cleaning systems, fountain solution cooling, pumping & mixing systems, ink systems, IR drying systems, press protection systems, spray dampening systems, and web accessories.

Commercial printing peripherals such as, Automatic Blanket Cleaner (IMPACT/SUPER WASHER), Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaner, Cooled Dampening Water Circulation System, Oscillating Roller Temperature Controller, High Speed VITS Sheeter, Softening and Gluing Device and Anti-wrap Device

Newspaper printing peripherals such as Automatic Blanket Cleaner, Spray Dampener, Automatic Printing Quality Detector

Technologies,  Products & Systems for the Global Printing Industry

Sheetfed | Web | Newspaper

Baldwin manufactures and sells products to printers and press manufacturers throughout the world. Products to increase profits and production quality, and meet the rigid safety and environmental demands of today's global printing markets.

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Commercial Grade Solutions, Products and Services


Newspaper Grade Solutions, Products and Services

Press Accessory and Controls


Fountain Solution Management


Fold Gluing


Waterless Printing


Specialty Products & Instruments




Web Control


Automated Cleaning


Press Protection


Ink Management


Print Image Quality Control


IR Drying Systems


Pressroom Supplies

Fountain Solution Management

Conductivity Controllers
Refrigerated Circulators
Non-Refrigerated Circulators
Balcontrol Automatic Alcohol Controllers

Variable Control Water Stops
Quikcoater Aqueous Coating Circulators
Automix Fountain Solutions Mixers

Waterless Printing

Ink Vibrator Cooling

Waterless & Conventional Printing Systems


AccuCool Refrigerated Circulators
AccuTrak-Spray Dampening for
Commercial, Publication and Newspaper Presses
Litho Spray Dampening
AccuMix High Volume Pumping and Mixing

AccuPure Water Treatment
Ultraviolet Water Sterilization

Automated Cleaning

Chill Roll Cleaners
Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaners
for Sheetfed Presses

Automatic Blanket Cleaners for Sheetfed Web & Newspaper Presses

Ink Management

Ink Consumption Software
Automatic Color Separators
Automatic Ink Roller Train Cleaners

Ink Agitators
Press Washers
Color Separators & Dividers

IR Drying Systems

IR/Hot Air Dryers for Sheetfed, Newspaper, Book and Flexographic Presses

Folder Gluing

Microset Gluers & Softeners

Specialty Products & Instruments

Packing Gages

Register Correction Wheels

Web Control

Print Quality Detectors for Newspaper
Web Cleaners

Print-to-Process Register Controls
Softweb Web Remoisturing System

Press Protection

Web Break Detectors

Web Severing Devices

First Break Indication

Anti-Wrap Systems

Print Image Quality Control

Web Image Viewers

Defect Detection

Pressroom Supplies

Washcloth for Automatic Blanket
Cleaning Systems

PREPAC Replacement Cleaning
Cartridges for IMPACT Systems

Replacement Scraper Blades for
Press Ink Roller Train Cleaners

Replacement Filters & Blades
for Ink Fountain Dividers & Color Separators

PrintClean --All Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Pre-mixed Glue for Automatic Glueing Systems

Replacement Filters for Fountain Solution Circulators

Motorized Washcloth Rewinding Equipment