Printing Speed of 16,500 sph
The printing speed has improved significantly. In fact, the Supertech supports printing speeds of up to 16,500 sheets per hour!

Feeder and delivery
mechanisms provide stable
feeding and delivery

The impression cylinders have a triple-size diameter, while the transfer cylinders have a quadruple-size diameter. These large diameters facilitate the smooth transfer of stock even cardboard. The 3-4-3 cylinder configuration also minimizes the number of sheet transfers (four times in four-color printing), so the accuracy of registration is superb. Another advantage is that the second color is printed after the printing of the first color is completed. This eliminates unwanted transfers of colors between cylinders as it prevents smudges, even in the solid printing, because the printing is completed before the sheet is transferred to the delivery system.

The Supertech can print on a wide range of substrates, making it effective in the production of thin paper packaging, fliers, posters, pamphlets, photo albums and packages. It even prints on cardboard materials such as corrugated fiberboard. Add the ability to print on other substrates such as polyvinyl chloride, plastic cards and adhesive labels, and the Supertech proves that it has power through and through.

New operation stand (ACC)
The ACC (Akiyama Color Control) operation stand is seamlessly joined with the main press to create a streamlined form for the urban age. Along with its improved design, the operation stand has been updated to incorporate a number of new functions.

First, the new ACC operation stand supports higher control speeds of the ink-key motors within the press, so that the values entered at the stand are enacted by the ink keys in half the time required on the traditional stand, or even less than that. This makes it easier to design a CMS, and spoilage (waste paper) can be reduced as well. The benefit is that printing jobs can go full-scale more quickly and press time can be used more effectively.

Also, while the traditional ACC operation stand was mostly operated with a keyboard (with mouse), the new operation stand employs a touch panel. This is significant news for the operator, who can now easily perform various operations simply by touching the screen.

The enhanced troubleshooting and maintenance reminder functions contribute to the efficient operation of the press. Because the customer will perform regular preventive maintenance based on alerts from the ACC, sudden stops and other problems in the press can be prevented and the operator can manage the system with less effort.

It is compatible to the CIP 4, and our original production system is also equipped as standard. The pre-press data, ink-key data and various other input can be controlled for each job. When a repeat order is received, simply call up the past order to restore all settings automatically.

Space-Saving Design
The 3-4-3 cylinder configuration produces a footprint which is more compact than the models that use the standard cylinder configuration. In fact, the length of the Supertech 440 is generally equal to that of a 32-inch four-color printing press. The Supertech lets you use your factory space more effectively and efficiently while achieving better results with each and every job.