eXtreme 40 Series

eXtreme 40 Series

Our current straight type presses “Bestech Series” which have unique cylinder configurations had been developed with the concept of high-quality machine performing the multi-kinds, small lot printing on the sheets from thin to thick paper.

The new straight type offset presses, Akiyama “eXtreme 40 Series”, were developed to meet the customers’ demands seeking for the high-speed press that has more productivity and the ability of wide print applications while succeeding the good features of our current “Bestech Series”.




Maximum sheet feeding size is 740 mm x 1040 mm.   It is 20 mm longer and wider in the sheet size compared with the ones in the current Bestech Series.


Double diameter Impression Cylinders and triple diameter Transfer Cylinders used in eXtreme 40 series allow the printing on the sheets from thin (0.04 mm) to thick (1.0 mm).

This cylinder configuration prevents scratch or scrape on the sheets, and operability is increased as spaces between units became wider.  Gripper base height can be easily adjusted by our new technology “Transfer Cylinder Gripper Height Quick Change System” and the gripper base height change according to the paper thickness can be made easily.


Auto Plate Mounting System that has been equipped in our former presses is equipped in eXtreme 40 Series also.   With this system utilizing Akiyama’s unique cylinder configuration that plate cylinder positions in all units are synchronized, plates can be automatically changed at the same time quickly in all units.  This is the unique system that only Akiyama has in the world.


Shock-less System we have a good result in our former presses is equipped in eXtreme.  Also, our patented “Gripper Open/Close Mechanism by Conjugate Cam System on Impression Cylinders and Transfer Cylinders” that only Akiyama uses in the printing presses is adopted in eXtreme, and the durability in Cam Follower is greatly increased with this.  Uniform gripper open/close timing at the paper bite, smooth paper transfer, prevention of fan-out and big improvement in registration are achieved with this cam mechanism.


Suction Tape Feeder is equipped in the Feeder, and Suction Air speed-follow-up system that changes suction air timing in accordance with the press speed to stabilize the feeding is also equipped.  These make the maximum print speed 16,000 iph possible.


Plate Cocking System is the device to make the crook adjustment that had to be done individually in each unit before easier by inputting data on the Operation Stand.  With this system, operators’ working time is greatly reduced.  Plate Cocking System performs the crook adjustment reliably without giving any load to the machine because it is our unique adjustment system that cocks the plate itself.  The Remote Cylinder Cocking system is also equipped as standard in eXtreme presses.  It allows fine adjustment during print run and contributes the increase of the productivity.  When the Plate Cylinder position is changed by cylinder cocking system, the nip width between Water Form Roller and Ink Form Roller can be adjusted on the Operation Stand.


Ink Roller Wash-up system, Blanket Wash-up system and Impression Cylinder wash-up system are equipped as standard and can be controlled on the Touch Control Panel in the delivery.


Paper Size Preset system that position setting for Sucker Head, Sidelays, Suction Wheels and Joggers can be made automatically by inputting numeric numbers on the Touch Control Panel, and Impression Preset system that impression adjustments in all units can also be made by inputting numeric numbers on the Touch Control Panel.


Supersonic Wave Double Sheet Detector is equipped as standard and double sheet of transparent plastic sheet can be detected.


Fan-out adjustment mechanism is equipped as standard in the swing section and the clamps on each unit and can be effective in the different type of printing sheets.


Stable ink supply is performed with three hollowed Ink Oscillation Rollers and one hollowed Ink Fountain Roller cooled down by chiller unit on each inking unit.


Inker Clutch is equipped as standard and it prevents the roller wear as the revolution of unused rollers can be turned OFF.


Delivery paper release timing can be automatically adjusted according to the press speed.


Roll Coater or Chamber Coater with anilocks roller can be equipped as optional specification.


eXtreme 40 Series can correspond to the digital work flow, and ink key open ratio can be directly controlled by the digital data.


Inline densitometer or spectrometer can be equipped as optional specification. Color Bar on the printed sheet is automatically scanned and ink control based on the scanned data is automatically sent back to the machine.




eXtreme 440

eXtreme 540

eXtreme 640

Units  (Upper/Lower)

4 / 0

5 / 0

6 / 0

Max.  Paper Size

740 mm × 1040 mm (29 1/8” x 4015/16”)

Min. Paper Size

360 mm ×   540 mm (14 1/8” x 21 1/4)

Max. Image Area

710 mm × 1020 mm (28” x 40 1/8”)

Paper Thickness

0.04 mm 1.0 mm (0.0016” x 0.04”)

Max. Printing Speed

16,000 sheets per hour

Plate Size

800 mm × 1030 mm (31 1/2” x 40 3/4)

Max.  Feeder Pile Height

1150 mm (45”)

Max. Delivery Pile Height

1150 mm (45”)

Overall Length (L)

10,580 mm
34’ 9”

12,000 mm
39’ 5”

13,430 mm
44’ 1”

Overall Width (W)

3,550 mm (11’ 8”)

Overall Height (H)

2,262mm (7’ 6”)

Machine Weight

42,500 kg

93,700 lbs

51,300 kg

113,100 lbs

60,100 kg

132,500 lbs


Machine design and features are subject to change without notice because of the continuous technological improvement.


The stated maximum printing speed represents mechanically feasible capabilities.  The actual speed varies slightly depending on the printing image and the paper type.